Great work by all my engineering students to create these works of art, just by using paper, and lots of tape. Some were able to get the marble going for almost a full minute!


Some very nice designs from grade 9 students SDM, FL, YC, and VM.

Nice job with the blinker project by Grade 9 student HM.

Team 600T (grade 12 students JX, MZ, JY, KS, SS, BO) are ready for Gladstone this weekend. Good luck!

An interesting picture of a cat throwing up a waterfall. By SN. Great detail!


#1 robot

Posted: June 21, 2017 in Student Woodwork Projects

The winning robot of van tech’s inaugural mini sumo robot competition. Well done Grade 9 student WW.


Grade 11 student MC testing out the strength of his welds. So far it looks like they are holding up. Well done!